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Writers' Post Network Blog: Race in America - The Killing of Blacks & Moral Obligation of Whites to Demand an End to This Pathetic - Disgraceful & Uncivilized State of Affairs
Writers' Post Network Blog - The Promise of Michael Brown's Ferguson - A Civil Rights & First Amendment Fellowship Fund
Writes' Post Network Blog: Legal Action against Ferguson Police Dept. - Chief Thomas Jackson - Governor, Jay Nixon - Killer of Young Michael Brown: Darren Wilson & State of Missouri by this website: createlinkusa.com


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Writers' Post Network Blog - The Promise of Michael Brown's Ferguson - A Civil Rights & First Amendment Fellowship Fund

18-Year Old Michael Brown
A Project Devoted to Generating Lasting Change That Younger & Future Generations Can Promulgate to Toward A Wiser - More Stable America for All & for A More Perfect Union

No Justice - No Peace
Donate & See Your Name in Lights!

A Business And Media Partnership Dedicated to The Training And Education of Young Journalists And Young Civil Right Lawyers - Leaders & Community Activists

Take Action - Change the Future for The Next Generation
Our goal is to raise $50,000 this first year
to fun  this campaign to give toward scholarships 
and continuing education 
for young writers, journalists, Civil Right Law students, and future leaders and community organizers 

JFK Quote
Michael Brown: Ferguson Missouri August 9, 2014: This fund will be used to support the education and career of young Black and White journalists and Civil Rights lawyers, with a promise that they will grow into an army of professionals who can be deployed locally and nationally to research and report on the news, and to provide legal services and assistance in situations such as the one that developed in Ferguson between August 9 and August 20, 2014, following the shooting death of unarmed 18-year old, Michael Brown by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. The killing of Brown was followed days later by the shooting death of a 20 year-old in St. Louis Missouri, and preceded just 3 weeks earlier by the chock-hold killing of Eric Garner, a 43 years old father of 6, in Staten Island, by New York police for allegedly selling un-taxed cigarettes.

You cannot believe anything police say until they prove themselves trustworthy - No one is giving police a bad name, except for police - Once they reform, they will get the appreciation that they deserve.

18-year-old Vonderrit Myers

18-year-old Vonderrit Myers
Thursday October 16, 2014: 18-year-old Vonderrit Myers was shot and killed by an off-duty St. Louis Missouri policeman working as a security guard for a private company. St. Louis Police Chief Col. Sam Dotson said the 32-year-old unidentified officer, a six-year veteran of the force, was working for a private security company when he approached three men on the street. "As he exited the car, the gentlemen took off running. He was able to follow one of them before he lost him and then found him again as the guy jumped out of some bushes across the street," Lt. Col. Alfred Adkins said. "The officer approached, they got into a struggle, they ended up into a gangway, at which time the young man pulled a weapon and shots were fired. The officer returned fire and unfortunately the young man was killed."

 “He was unarmed,” a cousin of the suspect, Teyonna Myers, told the Post-Dispatch. “He had a sandwich in his hand, and they thought it was a gun. It’s like Michael Brown all over again.” Berhe Beyent who owns a deli in the area, confirmed that Myers had purchased a turkey sandwich and soda at his store 10 minutes before the shooting. Myers’ uncle, Jackie Williams, 47, said his nephew had been living at his house, which is within walking distance of where the shooting occurred. “My nephew was coming out of a store from purchasing a sandwich. Security was supposedly searching for someone else,” Williams said. “I don’t know how this happened, but they went off and shot him 16 times. That’s outright murder.”

"Why did John Crawford, a Walmart customer, get shot and killed carrying a BB gun in a store that sells BB guns?" By Family Attorney Michael Wright
John W Crawford
John Crawford, Beavercreek, Ohio / August 5:Two police officers responded to a 911 call about a man waving a gun at customers inside a Walmart store. According the Beavercreek police department, 22-year-old John Crawford disregarded officers' orders to disarm before being fatally shot in the chest. Crawford's gun turned out to be a .177 caliber BB rifle that he'd picked up from a store shelf. 

Dante Parker Killed by San Bernadino police 8-12-14

Dante Parker36 year-old Dante Parker, a father of 5, was killed on August 12, 2014, in Bucknell Court in Victorville in San Bernadino, just 2 miles from his house, when a deputy sheriff confronted about a call by someone in the neighborhood on suspicion of robbery. A Orville resident told police that a robbery suspect had fled on a bicycle. The police detained Dante Parker reported the Daily Press newspaper, apparently because they found him nearby on a bike. After he was approached by a female deputy sheriff, Parker was tased several times and was reportedly sweating profusely and having trouble breathing before he died on the scene. A Taser is a lethal weapon. This would not be the first time that a person has been reported killed by a Taser. Just as Eric Garner was given the death penalty by New York police on suspicion of selling “loose cigarettes” on the streets, and therefore not paying taxes, Dante Parker was also killed on a vague suspicion of “someone trying” to break into a home, according a call by a homeowner who could have very well been afraid of seeing Parker near her own or walking by her home, as Mr. Parker was of a heavy set and dark skin. 

Mrs. Parker pretty spoke for all people walking around in Black skin in America when she said this in a press conference outside NAACP offices:
"We have hearts. We have feelings. He had a family to come home to," wife Bianca Parker said outside the NAACP offices Tuesday. "He was our provider. He was the rock of our family. I don't want to go through life being a bitter person, but I feel myself having a whole bunch of anger."

25 year-old Ezell Ford was walking on the sidewalk down a Los Angeles street on Monday August 11, 2014, when he was stopped by tow Los Angeles gang unite police officers who decided to stop their car to question Ford about what he was doing. According to press reports in the Washington Post and from the Los Angeles Times, Ford “continued walking and made suspicious movements (which obviously is ground for the death penalty) including attempting to conceal his hands (One of many routine excuses – justification, and lies that police use to get away with murder). The question is, why should Ford have to answer questions from anyone under the color of law for walking down the street? Americans, Black – White, or purple, do not surrender their rights to privacy and to be left alone just because they walk out of their house. Clearly, Ford was being harassed and provoked, and those policemen were on a hunt, knowing that violating the constitutional rights of a Black man in this country is almost expected and accepted by the population.

Killed by Los Angeles police: 8-11-2014
Ezell Ford
“When the officers got closer and attempted to stop the individual, the individual turned, grabbed one of the officers, and a struggle ensued (Sounds familiar (Very seldom is this jargon supported when videos of these encounters surface – and even then, police always find a way to blur, distort, and embellish the facts, or resort to right out lies) . During the struggle, they fell to the ground and the individual attempted to remove the officer’s handgun from its holster.” (All of a sudden, with these serial murders of Black males by police, there seems to have been a new invention of ‘the suspect attempted to grab my weapon – and at that time, I… I… I murdered him’). The other officer, police said, “Fired his handgun and the officer on the ground fired his backup weapon at the individual.” [Sure!]

Kajieme Powell killed by St. Louis police: 8-19-14 
Kajieme Powell killed by St. Louis police on August 19, 2014. In a store surveillance video Kajieme Powell, 25, can be seen calmly walking into a store, pick up a drink and then begin to walk out without paying. Before he reached the exit, he turned around and grabbed a pastry, and again headed for the door calmly. In the meantime, both the store owner and an alderwoman had called police. When the young man got outside, a second video that surface about 2 weeks following the killing, shows Powell putting both items on the sidewalk and started pacing back and forth. Yet he remained calm. Within 1 or 2 minutes, a police cruiser arrived. The policemen can be seen addressing Powell from the inside their cruiser, and at a distance of 2 to 3 feet, Powell could be seen talking to them and making mild gestures with both his arms. From the video, nothing could be seen in Powell’s hands. But within 23 seconds police arriving, they two policemen at the scene shot 9 bullets into Powell who drop dead on the sidewalk. Police later told the public in a press conference that Powell was holding a knife, even though there is no evidence that he was. There also has been talk of the young man being mentally disturbed, which has not been supported with any facts. One thing was clear. Kajieme Powell, on that particular day, was disturbed about something, perhaps the killing of Michael Brown, which took place only 2 miles away in Ferguson just 10 days earlier. And this incident took place in the middle of heated and emotional demonstrations during which Ferguson police deployed armored vehicles mounted with sniper rifles and machine guns aimed directly at demonstrators. This is also a time when Ferguson police engaged in the arrest of journalists and the use of flares, grenades, and a massive amount of tear gas in residential neighborhoods, and when people standing in their backyards were told by police to get lost or being arrested. 

Eric Garner killed by NY police: 7-17-14
Photo_Getty_National Action Network

Eric Garner
Eric Garner: Staten Island - July 17, 2014: A police choke-hold, as well as chest compression, were the causes of death of Eric Garner, the city medical examiner's office says. 
Photo_Getty_National Action Network



  Ferguson Missouri Police confront demonstrators 
Ferguson Missouri - Police Confront DemonstratorsFerguson Missouri Demonstrators and Residents Are Invited to Join A Class Action Lawsuit against Ferguson police - Chief Thomas Jackson - Officer Darren Wilson - Governor Jay Nixon and the State of Missouri for:

  •  Violating Demonstrators First Amendment Right (Freedom of Speech - Expression & Assembly, and the Right to Petition the Government)
  •  Violating Demonstrators' Equal Protection under the Law (See Abortion Clinic and Tea Party Demonstrators - Arizona Rancher Cliven Bundy and Militia)
  • Violating The United Nations Charter and the Geneva Convention to which the U.S. is a signatory (the deployment of weapons of war against demonstrators)
  • Violating Demonstrators' Civil Rights between August 9, and August 19, 2014
  • Engaging in Brutality & Misconduct
  • Acting with Gross Neglect and Willful and Malicious Acts
  • Inflicting Extreme Emotional Distress & Trauma upon Demonstrators and Residents of Ferguson with Malice and Forethought
Best Friends

We will award this fund in the form of scholarships to support the following:

  • The education and training of investigative reporters that can cover events such as Ferguson in a way that can protect both the journalists and the public
  • A campaign to reform police training and community policing together with police and community relations
  • Reform in the justice system and the courts
  • Training of young lawyers, particularly in Black community to protect the rights of people arrested during protests and demonstrations, and to pursue civil rights actions on behalf of citizens caught up in police misconduct, abuse, harassment, and Civil Rights violations. 

Quote by the Rev. Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr. Contribute on this site through Paypal Donate
 $5 - $10 - $20 - $25 - $30 - $40 - $50 - $100
 Or Enter an Amount


GOLD LEVEL $500:  Get a personal hug - An engraved " Justice-for-All Philanthropist" gift - VIP in our 2015 Fashion Designer Splash - First listed on the Donors Wall of Fame.

JUSTICE FOR ALL $100: Receive a personalized "Freedom Loving & Philanthropist" gift - An Awesome Donor Card - Be listed on the Donors Wall of Fame.

AWESOME DONORS $50: Receive a personal thank you letter - A "Justice Loving" engraved gift - Be listed on the Donors Wall of Fame - Be entered to join our Fashion Extravaganza

THE LIBERTARIAN $15 - $ 25:Donors at this level will receive a personalized "philanthropist" gift item engraved with their name & be listed on the Donors Wall of Fame.

ART OF GIVING $5 - $10:Art of Giving Donors will receive a personalized Art of Giving Donor Card & be listed on the Donors Wall of Fame


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New police shooting in St. Louis stirs Ferguson unease
A new shooting threatened to inflame protests in Ferguson, Missouri. St. Louis police shot and killed a man after he robbed a market and confronted officers with a knife. Judy Woodruff talks to Yamich...


Businesses, groups, individuals, and organizations, are invited to join us in fostering changes in the relationships between police and the public for the benefit of both police officers and citizens.

Become a part of this great and exciting experiment by engaging with us through our multiple and various offerings. 

Gift Item: Letter OpenersGift Item: Ball Point PenGift Item: MugGift Item: Stress BallGift Item: Mouse PadGift Item: Key ChainGift Item: CoolerGift Item: USB

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Contact info@cretelinkusa.com or call 888-388-7586 


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