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Writers' Post Network Blog: Police & the Justice System - We Must Demand Ethical Standard & Accountability

Posted on February 28, 2014 at 1:08 PM Books - Writing - Fashion Tips & Tricks

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Andover PDWe Must Expect & Demand Ethical Standard & Accountability 
from Our Law Enforcement & Justice System!

Our Constitutional guarantees are not just words on paper. They are as important - if not more important - as any part of our body. We cannot afford to waive them, surrender them, or take them for granted. To do so would amount to a betrayal of the Founding Fathers and the millions of people who have died to help establish and protect those rights.
Some mad genius has managed to normalize corruption and criminal injustice, while serving Americans with a cake baked with the notion that it is OK for law enforcement personnel to use lie as a weapon of mass destruction. The same evil genius that normalized corruption had also managed to draw the greater part of the media into the corruption orbit, thereby using major segments of the press and government officials as collaborators. In this pathetic militarized police state -- I mean perverted democracy, a trouble maker becomes anyone who challenges this absurd and distorted reality that somehow State and Federal Constitutional guarantees were simply written to make the country looks good and deludes citizens into a false sense of protection. The truth is, individual rights must be protected 100 percent of the time. We cannot continue to save our outrage for beating and murder by police. We need zero tolerance for official misconduct, abuse of power, and injustice.

In fairness, we have some outstanding law enforcement personnel and public officials, some of whom are working with me as we speak to bring about change. Unfortunately, the exceptions do not make the rule, and trying to clean up corruption in law enforcement and the justice system is near to impossible. In the hand of humans, power can really corrupt absolutely. However, beginning with the failed war on drugs and escalating with 9/11, police have made the biggest power grab in history. This power belongs to the people and should not be used against the same citizens from whom it is revived. With great power comes great responsibility, but in this atmosphere, the really fine police officers and other public servants who perform their duties every day with conscience and excellence are not able to shine. Therefore, everyone loses. We need all hands on deck all of the time, all over the country.

One more example of how our democracy has been perverted is in the fact that every other country, but The United States, recognizes a category of people called political prisoners (also known as prisoners of conscience, as those are individuals who get imprisoned for taking stands on the side of rights, justice, and democratic principles). The reason why we never hear about political prisoners here in the US is nothing short of Machiavellian. The power base in the United States has simply made it so that activists who challenge the system are typically charged with bogus crimes. This ploy not only circumvents the Constitution and the Geneva Convention, it is also an attempt to bypass the spirit of those individuals with enough courage, conviction, and determination to stand up for what is right. But most of all, it automatically isolates activists from human rights workers and cuts off the kind of support and advocacy human rights organizations can bring to bear upon the system, as human rights groups cannot get involved in criminal cases, however phony the charges. The only time human rights groups can engage in cases having to do with people charged with crime is, for example, in the case of prisoners of war, such as those held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

I was compelled to organize this campaign when I placed a non-emergency call to the Andover Fire and EMT department on Friday February 21, 2014. Without saying a word, the Fire/EMT attendant immediately channeled my call through the police department where the dispatcher picked up and started yelling in my ear, “We’re not sending anyone to your house; stop calling - you already called us at 3:00.” Well, I was on the phone with someone at 3:00. People keep forgetting that nowadays most of our actions are documented somewhere. Andover public safety did get an emergency call at 3:00 for an ambulance for my husband. That call was placed by my daughter. Either way, it was irrelevant whether or not I did make an emergency call at 3:00 and then called again at 6:00. In fact, I made that call to their non-emergency line in order to find out where they had taken my husband. Such a call should certainly not have provoked that type of hostility. The woman proceeded to tell me to google emergency. I do regret having hung up without telling her to google corrupt and stupid. In fact, police are not there just to respond to accidents, crime in progress, fire, or medical emergencies. Police officers also have a duty to respond to keep the peace, well-being calls, and other unforeseen events in the community.
All of this happened because I dared to complain and demand answers and accountability, after certain employees in both departments – particularly the Fire/EMT department – violated the spirit of the law and the codes of conduct and ethics, when I sought assistance earlier within that public safety complex. Nothing can make this right, but it is part of a larger culture of misconduct, which I have been fighting long before I ever came in contact with Andover police and EMTs. The problem with trying to stop people on high horses from running you over is that they will mark you for destruction, because they can never understand why they had run over so many people before without resistance.

This episode has brought this fervent democratic supporter to now wonder if the Party/ GOP, which she had come to despise, might be up to something, in terms of some of the rant by its members about government and power. What is crystal clear is that the Libertarian Party definitely has “The Power of The State” aspect of its ideology right. As a result, I am now looking far and wide for everyone who happens to believe in those principles that I have outlined herein, to contribute their voices to this campaign. I am seeking to bring cameras and lights in front of that complex (In Andover, both the police and fire departments are in the same building.) to try to figure out what exactly is going on between those two the departments. I have no doubt that when this happens, both departments will have their lies tied with nice little bows and lined up in neat rows, which will make them lies, nonetheless. I, on the other hand, will let the record speaks for itself.

In this respect, the “so” care about the people crow, major media organizations, such as The LA Times, The Boston Globe, and the New York Times - to name a few, and most state and federal government agencies are all failing the smell test when it comes to doing enough to get law enforcement personnel and the court to function within the boundaries of the law and ethics. These people have eaten from the poisoned caked into which our wicked genius has baked 50 percent misconduct and corruption as just some other ingredients. Who is in a better position to figure this out and denounce it than someone who happened to have bought into the notion that those people really stood for all that is right? Credit to Attorney General Eric Holder for working to make some important changes, but this lift is much too heavy for just a few scattered people or organizations to carry. This week, the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, vetoed a bill aimed at allowing businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, and even individuals to refuse services to people they believe are homosexuals on the basis of religious beliefs. The bill, which was named "The Freedom of Religion Act" was also known as the discrimination law, a.k.a. the nice shirt - nice shoes, no service law. If signed into law, the bill, which was passed by the all-Republican legislature in Arizona, would have allowed public accommodation discrimination to take place against anyone. There is no doubt that Governor Brewer would have signed this bill into law had it not been for the outcry and protests by corporations and other business enterprises, including Delta and American Airlines, The National Football League and the MBA, Coca Cola, Apple, and more. The question is, where are those businesses and corporations when it comes to misconduct by law enforcement and injustice in our courts? Had those businesses and corporations get involved, stop-&-frisk would not have robbed nearly 1 million of Blacks and Hispanics of their human dignity and rights over a period of 9 years. Businesses cannot be selective when it comes to whose rights they want to help protect. Furthermore, the Civil Rights community, which is stretched to the limits, has worked side by side with the LGBT community in defense of the rights of people to no be discriminated against on the basis of sexual orientation. We need that community to engage and get fully involved with the 100 percent ethical conduct in law enforcement and justice for all movement. 

Find  2 previous posts on this blog, both of which describe and support my claim that there is some type of corruption that needs to be addressed within those two departments. Also, browse the website to understand how far I have gone to support the democrats and President Obama’s agenda. I will not be able to continue to extend this support without some tangible assurances that people I affiliate myself with will stand on the side of justice, ethical conduct, and the protection of rights for all, at all time, and under any circumstances. This is a drastic step. Unfortunately, it is one that is necessary to bring these pervasive problems to the forefront. We all have some responsibility to invest in the Greater Good. I, personally, feel an obligation to make these issues a priority and continue to work to inject ethics, morals, and principles into the system. When it comes to justice and rights, to accept just a certain level of functionality is to tolerate dysfunction.

Reprint this post; email and forward it to their network and circles of friends, followers, family members, supporters, and affiliates, in order to make this an exponential campaign. Post it to Facebook, Google Plus, and other similar social networking platforms; Tweet and retweet it. We will be posting numerous blog articles on these issues, including how the Andover Police Chief was able to bring about a partial resolution to this matter. However, in addition to this site, some of those articles may be posted on other websites around the web.

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